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Town Begins Picking Up What Is Left After Tornado Strikes With AM-Texas Tornados Bjt

November 16, 1987

CALDWELL, Texas (AP) _ G.B. Kellebrew tended a bonfire of broken tree limbs where his daughter’s mobile home stood before a tornado struck this rural community Sunday, leaving two people dead and eight injured.

Nearby, shards of corrugated metal hung in trees, power lines drooped from broken utility poles, and shredded tree limbs cluttered roadways.

″We are going to stay out tonight and keep someone from vandalizing it,″ Kellebrew, 68, said as flickers of lightning lit up the night sky and intermittent rain fell.

Kellebrew said his daughter, her husband and two children were at home when the tornado hit.

″Both children got blown out the window,″ he said.

The parents were uninjured, and the children were hospitalized, listed in stable condition with multiple lacerations.

A crumpled metal heap was all that remained of the home. Children’s toys, clothes and other household items were strewn over several acres, he said.

″What we are able to find tomorrow may be about it,″ said Kellebrew’s son, Ronnie, 29. ″They lost just about everything.″

Along the road where the trailer stood, another mobile home lay in a heap of splintered wood, broken plates and mud-covered appliances.

Janet Eagleton, 54, of Sugarland and her daughter, Carol Skotnik, 27, of Bryan, were killed when a twister cut its 16-mile path of destruction through Burleson County, said Beverly Mahlmann, administrator of the Burleson County Hospital.

Caldwell Mayor William Broaddus said ″destruction is total″ in the tornado’s half-mile-wide path.

″What is left of homes is nothing more than the concrete foundations,″ Broaddus said. ″The metal and wood from barns ... siding is up in the trees for miles.″

Burleson County sheriff’s department dispatcher Cory Crajdoalk said the tornado struck Caldwell about 12:15 p.m.

″We have lots of trailer houses overturned, barns torn up. We have lights out all north of Caldwell,″ Crajdoalk said.

Damage extended eight miles on each side of Caldwell, said Crajdoalk.

A shelter was set up at the First Baptist Church in the town for those whose homes were damaged.

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