Local gyms encourage lifelong fitness, not just New Year changes

January 6, 2019

SCOTTSBLUFF – A lack of commitment and focus can be the downfall of many a New Year’s resolution, and fitness is no different.

Audrey Garcia of Elite Total Fitness said resolutions need to be refocused toward creating a new lifestyle, not just getting back into shape.

“Our goal isn’t just about a New Year’s resolution and a quick immediate fix, but an entire lifestyle change,” Garcia said. “We want people to commit to something they can do for the next three months, six months, a year and beyond.”

She said in order to make a lifestyle change, people must ask themselves what is their “why.” When you get to the core of that change, it’s about a desire for being healthy for yourself and your children, being mentally well and feeling well.

“The transformation comes when your ‘why’ becomes more than just what you see in the mirror,” Garcia said. “It’s a long-term transformation, not just for a few months.”

Zane Brethour with 24/7 Fitness said the atmosphere of today’s fitness centers brings in a lot of new clients.

“Sometimes, a lot of people are kind of afraid to come to a gym just because of how they picture them,” Brethour said. “We’ve had no problem with that. People sometimes come to lose a few pounds, then discover they like the center and stay with it.”

Brethour said that focus is important to making any lifestyle change, not just fitness. It means keeping a mental picture of what a person wants to accomplish long-term, then continue moving toward that goal.

Encouragement also helps as other members encourage each other to push toward bigger and better goals.

“I have some members who only come two or three times a week but are getting great results,” Brethour said. “It’s all a matter of commitment.”

Nikki Mendez with Anytime Fitness said that facility is seeing a lot of new people and also those who are getting back into their fitness routine.

“This community really needs fitness centers,” she said. “I’m happy we have such a wide selection.”

She added while people will usually come in with a goal of losing weight, they realize there’s much more to overall fitness. They may want to work on specific areas for body strength, general composition and general health.

It’s not just the general public that comes to the fitness centers. Mendez said many of the area’s high school athletes, from runners to football, volleyball and basketball players, will work on strength and power that will help improve their games.

Working with free weights is popular with many of the members at Anytime Fitness. One of them is AJ Kuxhausen, who’s been lifting for more than 20 years.

“It’s a way for me to stay in shape,” he said. “I’m not big into running or jogging, so weights are the most enjoyable exercise I’ve found to do.”

Garcia of Elite Total Fitness said she takes a longer view of what fitness is all about.

“We’re like a family and we want to see healthy lifestyles passed on to the children and their children,” she said.

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