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Dog Swallows Musical Watch

September 10, 1986

SHREWSBURY, England (AP) _ For Fudge, a 15-month-old boxer dog, the week has been, well ... alarming.

He swallowed his master’s musical watch Sunday, and for the next couple of days his stomach played ″American Patrol″ every 12 hours.

With Fudge giving vent to Glenn Miller’s memorable melody at 6:45 every morning and evening, his owner, 13-year-old Marcus Waters, took him to the vet.

The vet, Sandy Frew, opened him up Wednesday and found that the dog’s digestive juices were disintegrating the watch. Rather than pick out the fragments one by one, Frew sewed Fudge up again and advised Marcus to wait for a natural ending to the problem.

″I’ve removed toys, stones and all sorts of other things from dogs before, but this is the first time I’ve come across a dog that swallowed a watch,″ said Frew.

Marcus was given the watch to wake him for his daily rounds as a newspaper delivery boy in this city in western England.

Said his father John, 55: ″From now on we’ll have to make sure we keep everything well away from Fudge. He’ll eat anything. But he’s a grand dog and we’ve no intention of getting rid of him.″

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