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December 20, 1988

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) _ Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings are friends and country singers. Now they have something else in common: successful coronary bypass operations in the same hospital.

Cash, 56, was in critical but stable condition in intensive care Monday after 2 1/2 hours of surgery to restore normal blood flow to his heart with a double bypass, doctors said.

″His surgery went fine,″ said Dr. Robert Hardin, who helped perform the operation. ″There was no evidence of any damage to his heart.″

Doctors have not said when Cash may be moved out of intensive care or when he may be released, according to hospital spokeswoman Debby Koch.

Jennings, 51, who had a triple bypass a week ago, was moved into a private room over the weekend and doctors hope he will be home for Christmas, Ms. Koch said.


VATICAN CITY (AP) - A love story written by Pope John Paul II, starring Burt Lancaster and featuring three marriages but only one kiss, has been previewed by an audience at the Vatican.

″The Jeweler’s Shop,″ the motion picture version of a play written by John Paul in 1960 when he was Karol Wojtyla, the Bishop of Krakow, was shown to 7,000 guests at the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall Monday night.

Directed by Michael Anderson (″Around the World in 80 Days″), the film is devoid of sexual tension except for the lone kiss between Teresa (Olivia Hussey) and Andrew (Andrew Occhipinti) after he proposes.

The film recounts the three intertwined love stories of two young couples in war-torn 1939 Poland and their oldest children, Christopher and Monica, who later fall in love.

A jeweler, played by Lancaster, sells the lovers their wedding rings, and a priest named Adam (Daniel Olbrychski) performs each marriage and counsels the couples through their hardships.

″Nothing takes up more space on the surface of life than love,″ Adam says, ″and nothing is more unknown and mysterious.″

Made in English and dubbed into Italian, French and German, the movie is scheduled for international release in February.

The play, which was peformed on Italian radio in 1979, a year after the author became pope, has been translated into 15 languages. The only other published play written by a man who would become pope was ″History of Two Lovers″ by Enea Silvio Piccolomini, who was crowned Pope Pius II in 1458.


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Actor Gary Busey continues to walk and take other forms of exercise as part of his recuperation from a near-fatal motorcycle accident two weeks ago, a hospital spokesman said.

″All the indications are that he is going to make a total recovery,″ said Cedars-Sinai Medical Center spokesman Ron Wise.

″His condition is still listed as fair. He still needs to be watched. He had a very serious accident,″ Wise said.

Busey, 44, had brain surgery after he hit his head on a curb Dec. 4 when he fell from the motorcycle he was riding without a helmet. Police blamed Busey for the accident, but said no charges would be filed.


NEW YORK (AP) - Robert Urich, who has played action heroes on ″Vegas″ and ″Spenser: For Hire,″ expects to shift gears and play a Charles Kuralt- type character next season in an NBC series from the producers of ″Family Ties.″

The half-hour show, tentatively titled ″American Dreamer,″ was inspired by an hour-long episode of ″Family Ties″ in which Michael J. Fox stood on a darkened soundstage and harked back to various incidents in his life.

″We’re going to constantly break the fourth wall, and if I had to describe it briefly, it’d be ‘Our Town’ for television,″ Urich said in a recent interview.

Urich described his character as ″kind of a writer, like a (CBS newsman) Charles Kuralt guy, trying to get back in touch with America and his sense of America and belonging there, but trying to live in the ’90s.″


GIBBON, Neb. (AP) - A 17-year-old girl struggling to recover from a shooting accident that required the amputation of her leg just above the knee got some unexpected encouragement from Sen.-elect Bob Kerrey.

Kerrey, whose leg was amputated below the knee after he was wounded in Vietnam, called Lana Gillming after hearing of her accident.

″I notice those sorts of things,″ the Democratic senator-elect and former governor said. ″I just told her I’ve got a lot of feeling for her and that I am her friend.″

″He said he would be a real friend and gave me his telephone number to call if I ever needed to talk,″ Miss Gillming said. ″He also gave me the name and telephone number of his personal doctor in Lincoln.″

Miss Gillming said Kerrey told her an artificial leg eventually will allow her to function normally.

″That gave me a real good outlook for the future,″ she said.


CLEVELAND (AP) - Gov. Richard Celeste went to a news conference in a different capacity: he worked as a television reporter for a day.

Celeste attended a news conference Monday about parking violators, then hit the pavement to tape some footage on the sidewalk.

″I was impressed,″ said cameraman Herb Thomas, who kept the governor in focus for more than an hour. ″His stand-up could rival most of our reporters. It was a pretty long stand-up, 10 or 12 seconds, and he remembered most of it the first time.″

The stint was part of Celeste’s Work Day program through which he seeks to get a better understanding of the state’s work force. How did he like it?

″It takes more concentration when you are on this side of the microphone,″ said Celeste. ″I’ve never been a believer you can be completely objective.″

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