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Conservative Greek Deputy Shot by Terrorist, Wounded

December 21, 1992

ATHENS, Greece (AP) _ A left-wing terrorist shot and wounded the conservative chairman of the Parliament’s economy committee today on the eve of a key vote on a government budget.

The November 17 group said it attacked Eleftherios Constantine Papadimitriou, 44, to protest the conservative government’s plans to sell off state businesses. It accused all political parties of corruption.

The attack came on the eve of a vote on next year’s budget. Prime Minister Konstantino Mitsotakis, whose New Democracy party controls 152 seats in the 300-member chamber, has called it a vote of confidence.

There was no plan to delay the roll call. Papadimitriou was to vote from his hospital bed.

He was driving in the capital’s northern suburbs when a van blocked his way at 8:50 a.m., a police spokesman said. A man got out and fired three shots into Papadimitrious’s leg, said the spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Papadimitriou, a lawyer who represents the town of Arta in western Greece, entered Parliament in 1981.

In its statement to Athens’ Sky radio, November 17 also claimed responsibility for two rocket attacks on tax offices. No one was injured in the attacks.

November 17, named for the date in 1973 when a right-wing military junta crushed a student uprising, opposes Greece’s membership in the European Community and NATO and wants two U.S. military bases closed.

Although the group has been active since 1975, killing 18 people and maiming others, none of its members has ever been arrested.

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