Letter to the editor: Hunt will improve lives

November 12, 2018

District 56 residents finally have a choice for state representative. On Nov. 6, I ask you to choose Doug Hunt. He’s ready to improve the everyday lives of Pennsylvanians.

Where have our legislators been while people have been forced to switch doctors or have been denied screenings because of their insurance carrier or the whims of the claims department? Hunt will propose an agreement between the largest insurers to generate more choices and lowered costs.

Too much emphasis has been placed on standardized tests. Isn’t it time our lawmakers listened to educators and residents instead of Harrisburg insiders? Hunt will make educating children our priority.

We shouldn’t have to choose between jobs, energy and safety. Fossil- fuel companies rack up violations, yet they’re allowed to operate with a slap on the wrist. While I’m not advocating that these companies shouldn’t do business here, I believe they should be held accountable. Hunt listens, and as a union carpenter, he understands the importance of conducting business efficiently and responsibly.

You have two choices -- the status quo (declining health care choices, making no progress on energy or education) or someone advocating for accessible health care, school reform and fresh ideas for family wage, jobs and responsible industry.

Christine Snyder

Penn Township, Westmoreland County

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