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Issues, Incidents Relating to Domestic Abuse in Simpson Case

January 13, 1995

Issues and alleged incidents related to domestic abuse in O.J. Simpson’s relationship with Nicole Brown Simpson, based on information taken from court documents filed by the prosecution. The numbers are those being used by attorneys in the trial.

Items excluded Thursday by prosecutors are marked (WITHDRAWN).

1. Simpson chased Ms. Simpson, grabbed her, threw her into walls and tossed her clothes out a window in San Francisco, 1977. (WITHDRAWN)

2. Simpson beat Ms. Simpson on a street corner and in a hotel after leaving a friend’s anniversary party in New York; called Ms. Simpson’s mother a whore; beat Ms. Simpson during sex, 1977. (WITHDRAWN)

3. Ms. Simpson showed Simpson’s friend, Wayne Hughes, a red spot on her and said she was hit by Simpson, 1982.

4. Simpson beat and kicked Ms. Simpson, locked her in a wine closet and then watched television while she begged to be released; he then beat her again, 1982. (WITHDRAWN)

5. Following a track meet in San Jose, Simpson backhanded Ms. Simpson across the head, forced her out of a car and drove away, leaving her stranded at night on the side of the road, 1982. (WITHDRAWN)

6. Simpson beat Ms. Simpson after he found a letter she had written to herself, 1982. (WITHDRAWN)

7. Simpson threw Ms. Simpson’s clothes out of their house, broke family pictures and ``threw out″ Ms. Simpson, sister Denise Brown and Ed McCabe, a friend of Denise, 1982.

8. A maid found Ms. Simpson crying outside the house, went inside and discovered 20 to 30 family photos smashed and scattered on the floor, 1984 or 1985.

9. Simpson smashed in the window of Ms. Simpson’s white Mercedes with a baseball bat, 1984 or 1985.

10. Simpson beat Ms. Simpson and tore off her blue sweater and blue slacks at a friend’s house, causing Ms. Simpson to suffer a bruise to the head; Simpson took her to the hospital, and she told a doctor she was hurt in a bicycle accident; doctor concluded wound was not consistent with bike-fall injury; Sept. 26, 1986.

11. Simpson threw Ms. Simpson against the walls and floor of a hotel after she let a gay man kiss their son, Justin, 1988.

12. Simpson refused to accompany his family to see ``Disney on Ice,″ claiming it would ``cramp his style;″ when family returned home, Simpson called wife _ then two months pregnant _ a ``fat pig″ a ``fat ass″ and said he’d rather masturbate than have sex with her, Jan. 1, 1988.

13. In a widely publicized New Year’s fight, Simpson beat Ms. Simpson so badly she had to go to the hospital; Simpson later pleaded no-contest to spousal battery and was sentenced to probation, Jan. 1, 1989.

14. Detective Mark Fuhrman wrote a letter describing the smashing of the Mercedes window, Jan. 18, 1989. (WITHDRAWN)

15. In a letter, Simpson’s attorney wrote for him: ``If I ever willfully inflict physical injury on you hereafter, I hereby agree that the prenuptial agreement between you and me shall be null and void,″ Feb. 3, 1989.

16. Ms. Simpson told a friend Simpson would kill her if she ever left him, May 11, 1989.

17. Limousine driver Alfred Acosta recalled that while taking Simpson and Ms. Simpson home from a Beverly Hills fund-raiser at a trendy club, Acosta saw Simpson backhand Ms. Simpson in the face, 1988 or 1989.

18. After several drinks in the bar at the Red Onion, a loud and unruly Simpson grabbed Ms. Simpson by the crotch and shouted, ``This belongs to me;″ on the way home, Simpson, angry that he wasn’t allowed to drive, pushed Ms. Simpson out of a slow-moving car, 1989.

19. During a party for her son Justin, Ms. Simpson told a friend Simpson physically abused her but that no one would ever believe her, 1991. (WITHDRAWN)

20. While filming ``Naked Gun 2 1/2,″ Simpson told another actor that if he caught one of Ms. Simpson’s boyfriends driving his car he would ``cut their (expletive) heads off,″ May 1991. (WITHDRAWN)

21. Ms. Simpson filed for divorce, January 1992.

22. Simpson showed up at the Mezzaluna restaurant and told Ms. Simpson’s companion, Keith Zlomsowitch: ``She’s still my wife,″ March 1992.

23. At least twice, Simpson left flowers at Ms. Simpson’s doorstep late at night and hung around outside, April 1992.

24. Simpson hid in the bushes and peered through the window of Ms. Simpson’s house, watching her have sex with another man, April 1992.

25. Ms. Simpson ended her relationship with Zlomsowitch, May 1992.

26. Simpson divorce finalized, October 1992.

27. Simpson called Ms. Simpson’s mother, Juditha Brown, and said he could not let Ms. Simpson go, 1992.

28. Simpson and Ms. Simpson attempted a reconciliation, March 1993.

29. Outside California Sushi restaurant, Simpson verbally abused Ms. Simpson, May 1993.


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