Latest developments relating to the Kosovo crisis:

_NATO unleashed strong attacks early today against Belgrade. Tanjug also said Podgorica, capital of the smaller Yugoslav republic of Montenegro, hit by up to 40 missiles.

_A divided House votes to limit President Clinton's authority to use ground forces in Yugoslavia. The Republican-sponsored measure, approved 249 to 180, would require Clinton to obtain congressional approval before sending ``ground elements'' to Kosovo or other parts of Yugoslavia.

_The latest exodus of ethnic Albanian refugees from Kosovo has so overwhelmed refugee camps that the camps are ``on the verge of rioting,'' says Kris Janowski of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.

_Refugees entering the camps tell of heaps of bodies _ one woman says about 100 men _ slain and lying in the streets of the Kosovo village of Meje. The reports came after Serbs detained ethnic Albanian men trying to flee Kosovo.

_Vuk Draskovic, a former Yugoslav opposition leader who in recent days denounced the Milosevic government, was dismissed as a deputy because of ``public statements which were contrary to the government stands,'' the Tanjug state news agency said.

_NATO says a laser-guided missile veered 250 yards off course Tuesday in the southern Serbian town of Surdulica. Serb authorities said the attack killed 20 people and destroyed 50 houses.

_U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan and other diplomats arrive in Moscow in search of a political settlement on Kosovo.