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March 18, 2019


LOS ANGELES (AP) — “Captain Marvel” continues to dominate the box office landscape. The Disney movie starring Brie Larson took in another $69.3 million over the weekend in North America — and $119.7 million internationally. And those numbers were more than enough to beat back the weak challenge by movies making their debut over the weekend. Finishing a distant second is “Wonder Park” — with $16 million. The movie reportedly cost $100 million to make. On the flip side, the movie that finished third, “Five Feet Apart,” took in $13.2 million in ticket sales. That nearly doubles its production budget.



057294-w-364:08-(Ben Thomas, AP correspondent, with sound from movie trailers)-“I’m Ben Thomas”-‘Captain Marvel’ soars even higher with stellar 2nd weekend (17 Mar 2019)

<<CUT *057294 (03/17/19)££ 364:08 “I’m Ben Thomas”

057284-r-297:84-(Sound of trailer for the movie “Captain Marvel”)-“music fades”-‘Captain Marvel’ soars even higher with stellar 2nd weekend (17 Mar 2019)

<<CUT *057284 (03/17/19)££ 297:84 “music fades”

057286-r-173:76-(Sound of trailer for the movie “Five Feet Apart”)-“think it’s cute?”-‘Captain Marvel’ soars even higher with stellar 2nd weekend (17 Mar 2019)

<<CUT *057286 (03/17/19)££ 173:76 “think it’s cute?”

057285-r-150:24-(Sound of trailer for the movie “Wonder Park”)-“a technicality”-‘Captain Marvel’ soars even higher with stellar 2nd weekend (17 Mar 2019)

<<CUT *057285 (03/17/19)££ 150:24 “a technicality”


CHICAGO (AP) — R. Kelly’s lawyers say the singer wants cameras in the courtroom for his upcoming sexual abuse trial. And a judge has agreed. Associate Judge Lawrence Flood has ruled that cameras will be allowed beginning with the next hearing in the case, set for March 22. As part of the ruling, Flood has said the cameras cannot show any accuser who doesn’t want to be photographed, filmed or have their voices recorded in court. Two of the accusers in Kelly’s case have declined to be identified publicly. The R&B singer has pleaded not guilty to 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse. The case pertains to four women, including three who were minors at the time the abuse allegedly occurred.



057104-a-179:76-(Steve Greenberg, attorney representing R. Kelly, with reporters)-“their own decisions”-Judge allows courtroom cameras for trial of R. Kelly (15 Mar 2019)

<<CUT *057104 (03/15/19)££ 179:76 “their own decisions”

057103-a-113:76-(Steve Greenberg, attorney representing R. Kelly, with reporters)-“a closed courtroom”-Judge allows courtroom cameras for trial of R. Kelly (15 Mar 2019)

<<CUT *057103 (03/15/19)££ 113:76 “a closed courtroom”

057102-a-126:48-(Steve Greenberg, attorney representing R. Kelly, with reporters)-“concerts pretty soon”-Judge allows courtroom cameras for trial of R. Kelly (15 Mar 2019)

<<CUT *057102 (03/15/19)££ 126:48 “concerts pretty soon”


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has removed three Michael Jackson items from exhibits. It’s the latest bit of fallout from a new documentary that features two men who say they were sexually abused by the late pop star as kids. The Indianapolis Star reports a fedora and glove Jackson wore onstage are no longer on display at the museum. Also taken down: a poster of the singer. The head of the museum’s collections department says it wants the items on display to reflect “people of high character.”


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is headed back to TV, after being sidelined for a sexual misconduct allegation. The National Geographic Channel says he’ll return to the air in April on his “StarTalk” show — with the network running the 13 episodes left in the season. The other show, “Cosmos,” returns to National Geographic at a date to be determined. Late November, National Geographic Networks and Fox said they’d examine reports that Tyson behaved in a sexually inappropriate manner toward two women. Tyson denied the allegations and said he welcomed the probe. The announcement from National Geographic didn’t address the complaints — or the investigation.


NEW YORK (AP) — Last July, James Gunn was fired as director of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” because of offensive tweets from years ago. But now he’s back. Disney and Gunn have both confirm the director has been brought back to work on the latest “Guardians” project. Gunn apologized for the tweets, which included jokes about pedophilia and rape. But the firing upset many in Hollywood as well the “Guardians” cast and fans of the movie. Gunn says he is “tremendously grateful” to those who supported him — and that he’ll keep trying to be a better human being.


NEW YORK (AP) — Netflix is removing footage of a real-life train disaster from its film “Black Box.” That’s a reversal of course for the streaming service, which was widely criticized for using footage from a 2013 crash in Canada that killed 47 people. The stock footage shows the train, which was carrying crude oil, coming off the tracks and exploding into a massive ball of fire. For a time, Netflix declined to remove the clip, which it licensed from a stock image vendor. Netflix has since changed its mind — and says it’s “sorry for any pain” caused to those affected by the train wreck.


LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has chosen a date for next year’s Golden Globe Awards. They will be held Jan. 5 — the start of a season which peaks with the Oscars. The Academy Awards are set for Feb 9.

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