Fayetteville has first WV WWII Weekend

May 7, 2019

Fayetteville turned back time Saturday to celebrate the first-ever West Virginia World War II Weekend, highlighting what the state offered during the war.

While the day began with a parade filled with WWII veterans, Rosie the Riveters, and tanks and trucks from the time period, onlookers shouted, “Thank you for your service!” as individuals drove past.

For organizers of the event, a “thank you” was what it was truly all about.

Megan Hamilton, one of the organizers for the event, along with Chris and Cindy Kappler, said the event became a thought after they attended several other WWII re-enactments in other states.

“Chris and Cindy really respect World War II vets hugely,” Hamilton said. “They thought it would be good to have a re-enactment event here, but they really wanted it to go deeper and show respect to West Virginia World War II veterans.”

Hamilton said although West Virginia is small, the contributions it made to WWII were outsized.

“We had the fifth-highest rate per capita of soldiers overseas, we sent 600 million tons of coal overseas, and we had 11 Medal of Honor winners. The list just goes on and on and on on what all West Virginia did during that war,” she said.

Hamilton said she and other organizers gathered as many WWII veterans as they could find, so the town could spend a day showing them respect and connect them to a broader community.

“The vets deserve the utmost respect, and we wanted to give the community an opportunity to thank them.”

Military tents and canopies were set up in front of the county Courthouse.