From the Bickford family to yours

August 24, 2018

The Bickford family began their quest into senior living for their beloved mother, Mary Bickford, whose needs became too great for them to manage. As they researched senior living options, they were shocked at what they found. The options offered too much or too little – none met her needs and nothing felt like home. Since they couldn’t find what they wanted, they decided to create what she needed. Her life and her disease exposed them to all the other “Marys” out there, people with amazing stories, with their own personal history, homes and family who need exactly the same thing Mary needed.

From the very beginning, trusted caregivers were chosen to care for Mary the way her own family would. Still today, Bickford caregivers remain devoted to that desire, striving to care for residents just as they would for their own loved ones because each and every resident is someone’s cherished family member.

The Bickford family understands that selecting a senior living community for you or your loved one is one of the toughest decisions that you will ever face. They will work with you to ensure that the transition is as easy and comfortable as possible. They realize that assistance is very personal and when accompanied by a desire to enhance someone’s life, it moves beyond meeting a need —it creates a memory. While many provide similar services and amenities, they are fulfilled to accommodate each individual’s personal preferences. They labor diligently to create a relationship with each person that allows them to enrich their experiences and offer them an opportunity of genuine happiness.

Bickford of Sioux City offers Assisted Living and Memory Care services through Personalized Care, Medication and Mobility Assistance, Memory Care, Healthcare Coordination, Dining Experience, Socialization, Apartment Living and Maintenance Free. Additional services include Companion Care and Short-Term Stay.

Bickford Senior Living was founded in 1991 and currently operates 63 branches in 11 states.

To learn more about the Bickford family and their passion to enrich the happiness in the lives of their residents, please visit their website at: www.enrichinghappiness.com.

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