LAS VEGAS (AP) _ A police officer who taught youngsters to say no to drugs resigned after failing a test for marijuana.

A man being questioned about a stolen car told police Oct. 27 that he had smoked marijuana with an off-duty officer, Christine Binion, Sheriff Jerry Keller said Wednesday. Binion, an officer for three years, tested positive for marijuana use, and on Wednesday she submitted her resignation.

As part of the Drug Abuse Resistance and Education program, Binion, 33, taught fifth-graders in four schools about the perils of drug abuse, Keller said. Police fielded calls from parents and planned to talk to the fifth-graders about Binion's conduct.

``This is one event in a long and successful history of our DARE program,'' Keller said at a news conference. ``I don't believe there is a need to randomly drug test our DARE officers.''

Officers in other departments are subject to random drug testing, but DARE officers are not, Keller said.