Madison County Commissioners discuss potential purchase of new side dump trailer

November 29, 2018

MADISON - Madison County Road District three is in need of a new side dump trailer as the current one is in bad shape.

At the Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday Chairman Jim Prauner went over a few prices of new trailers.

Prauner said the best deal for a new one was $49,500 with a three year warranty while the other two were priced at over $60,000.

Commissioner Ron Schmidt says he is hesitant about purchasing a new trailer.

“Most side dump trailers brand new are $53,000 to $62,000 depending on how they’re set up so the $49,500 price tag is a good buy if it includes the excise tax or we don’t have to pay the tax. My district has nice one, Norfolk has a really nice one, we should be able to work it out that we can share these.”

Prauner didn’t know if the excise tax was included in the price so they all agreed to table the discussion until next meeting.

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