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List of Foreigners Kidnapped in Lebanon

October 4, 1985

BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) _ Here is a list of foreigners who have been kidnapped or are missing in Lebanon, followed by lists of those kidnapped and released and those who have been killed after disappearing.

-William Buckley, 57, Medford, Mass., U.S. Embassy political officer in Beirut, kidnapped March 16, 1984.

-Peter Kilburn, 60, San Fransisco, Calif., librarian at the American University of Beirut, missing since Dec.3, 1984.

-The Rev. Lawrence Jenco, 50, Joliet, Ill., Roman Catholic priest, kidnapped Jan.8, 1985.

-Terry Anderson, 37, native of Lorain, Ohio, chief Middle East correspondent for The Associated Press, kidnapped on March 16, 1985.

-David Jacobsen, 54, Huntington Beach, Calif., director of the American University Hospital, kidnapped May 28, 1985.

-Thomas Sutherland, 54, Scottish-born, dean of agriculture at American University of Beirut, kidnapped June 9, 1985.

-Marcel Fontaine, 45, vice Consul at the French embassy in Beirut, kidnapped March 22, 1985.

-Marcel Carton, 62, the embassy’s protocol officer, kidnapped March 22, 1985.

-Michel Seurat, 37, researcher at the French Center for Studies and Research of the Contemporary Middle East, kidnapped May 22, 1985.

-Jean-Paul Kauffmann, 41, journalist working for the French weekly L’Evenement du Jeudi, abducted May 22, 1985.

-Alec Collett, 63, a journalist on assignment with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, abducted March 25, 1985.

-Valery Mirikov, commercial attache at the Soviet Embassy; Oleg Spirin, the embassy press attache; and Nikolai Sversky, an embassy doctor, all abducted Sept. 30, 1985.

-The Rev. Benjamin Weir, native of Salt Lake City, a Presbyterian minister in Lebanon since 1953, kidnapped May 8, 1984, release announced in the United States on Sept. 18, 1985.

-Hussein Farrash, a consul at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Beirut, kidnapped Jan.17, 1984, released May 20, 1985.

-Frank Regier, an American electrical engineering teacher at American University of Beirut, kidnapped Feb.10, 1984, released April 15, 1984.

-Jeremy Levin, American, Beirut bureau chief of Cable News Network, kidnapped March 7, 1984, escaped Feb.13-14, 1985.

-Pedro Manuel De Aristegui, Spain’s ambassador, kidnapped Oct.10, 1984, released hours later.

-Swiss Eric Wehrli, charge d’affaires at the Swiss Embassy, kidnapped Jan.3, 1985, freed four days later.

-Geoffrey Nash, British, a metallurgist, kidnapped March 14, 1985, released 14 days later.

-Brian Levick, British, managing director of Coral Oil Co. in Beirut, kidnapped March 15, 1985, freed two weeks later.

-Danielle Perez, French, secretary at the French Embassy’s cultural section, kidnapped along with her father, Marcel Carton, March 22, 1985. She was released nine days later.

-Gilles Peyrolles, head of the French cultural center in the northern port of Tripoli, kidnapped March 23, 1985, freed April 2, 1985.

-Aidan Walsh, Irish, deputy director of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency, kidnapped May 15, 1985, released a day later.

-Alfred Yagoubzadeh, 26, an Iranian photographer working for the French Sipa agency, kidnapped June 27, 1985, released Aug.16, 1985.

-Wajed Doumani, 55, press officer at the Kuwaiti Embassy in Beirut, kidnapped July 11, 1985, released Aug. 10, 1985.

-Robert Burkholder, 30, Canadian, relief worker with the Mennonite Central Committee, a relief group based in Akron, Pa., kidnapped in the southern town of Nabatiyeh on Aug.8, 1985 and freed 12 hours later.

-Stephane Jacquemet, 31, Swiss, an International Red Cross delegate in south Lebanon, kidnapped in Sidon Aug.19, 1985, three days later.

-Nicolas Kluiters, a Dutch Roman Catholic priest, disappeared in eastern Lebanon March 14, 1985, body found strangled in the area April 1, 1985.

-Denis Hill, British, an English language teacher at American University of Beirut, failed to show up for work May 27, 1985, found shot to death May 29, 1985.

-Soviet cultural attache Arkady Katkov, 32, abucted Sept. 30 with three other Soviet diplomats, is found dead Oct. 2 in a west Beirut suburb.

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