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BAKER: And did you spend any great deal of time talking to Jack

January 11, 1997

BAKER: And did you spend any great deal of time talking to Jackie Cooper about the _ about your relationship with Nicole?

SIMPSON: I _ in terms of he felt that his wife was about to leave him, which she did. In terms of trying to explain to him, you know, about, you know, commiserate with him about the problem he was having.

Obviously, like most people, I shared with him things that had happened in my relationship.

BAKER: And were you disappointed that the year’s attempt to reconciliation hadn’t worked?


BAKER: Did you express that to anybody?

SIMPSON: If they asked me, yes.

BAKER: And by Memorial Day weekend, had you _ well, strike that. Did Paula break up with you often?

SIMPSON: Well, I say broke _ break up. She gets, you know _ well, yes.

But it was, you know, as always, her answer to leave and say we’re broken up. That happened on numerous occasions.

Virtually every single one of the situations pertained to me playing golf.

BAKER: I know the feeling. Now, relative to the week after Memorial Day weekend, where were you?

SIMPSON: After Memorial Day weekend, I think I came home. I believe I came back for _ I came home for _ for a period of time.

And you _ Yes, I did. Because, you know, the day I got home, Paula and I got back together, and we went to a party that week.

And then the following week, I had a very busy schedule. I _ I had to play back east and go to numerous cities.

BAKER: All right. Now, did you request _

FUJISAKI: You’re the pitcher.

BAKER: Pardon?

FUJISAKI: You’re in control.

BAKER: I wish that were true. I get _

FUJISAKI: Whenever you want to break _ I’m just watching. It’s getting close.

BAKER: Let’s just ask you one more question in that regard. And that is: Did you request your attorney to _ or Kathy to send a letter relative to Nicole not to use your address as her address?


BAKER: And did you do that to be mean, to be _

PETROCELLI: Objection. It’s leading.

BAKER: Did you turn her in to IRS for not paying taxes?


BAKER: Did you intend to turn her in to the IRS for not paying taxes?


BAKER: What was your purpose in sending her a letter relative to not using your address as her address?

SIMPSON: My first purpose _ and why it came up was, to keep her from coming to my house and _ and harassing my housekeeper. On that _ I’m sure that was part of it. That had to do with _ I had a concern; I spoke to Nicole’s mother about it _ about what was going on with her. And I didn’t want her to lose her house.

And I _ I never had a problem with the IRS in my life. And I _ since _ during that period of time, that she was going to create some problems for herself, and I did not want to see my kids lose this house, because it was a very nice house, and they liked it.

BAKER: Now, did she ever indicate to you that she was angry about that?

SIMPSON: To me, no.

BAKER: Mr. Simpson, from 1977, to and including the present, did you love Nicole Brown Simpson?

SIMPSON: Yes, very much so.

BAKER: And you told this jury that you never harmed her, never touched her physically, in any way, shape, or form after January 1, 1989?

SIMPSON: That’s absolutely correct.

BAKER: This a good place, Your Honor.

FUJISAKI: Yes. Ladies and gentlemen, you’re adjourned until 8:30 on Monday.

Don’t talk to anyone, form or express any opinions. Don’t watch any news programs, radio, TV, or otherwise. Don’t permit anyone to make any statements to you about this case. Above all, try to avoid _ free yourself from any influences that might affect your ability to be fair and independent jurors on this case.

All right. You’ve been very good to this time, and I hope you will continue to do that.

Have a nice weekend. We’ll see you Monday.

JUROR: Thanks, Your Honor.

(At 4:31 P.M., an adjournment was taken until Monday, January 13, 1997, at 8:30 A.M.)



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