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Transcript of 911 Calls Made by Dotson

July 24, 2003

A transcript of two 911 calls made Sunday to the Kent Central Alarm/Emergency Management Agency, recordings of which were released by authorities Wednesday to The Associated Press in response to a state Public Information Act request.

Kent County Attorney Susanne Hayman said the recordings were edited to remove sections during which Dotson or the dispatchers discussed his medical or psychological condition.

First call, which began at 4:44 p.m.:

DISPATCHER: Kent County 911. Do you have an emergency?

CALLER: Um, yes, sir. I mean, yes, ma’am.

(Section deleted by authorities)

DISPATCHER: OK, where are you at now?

CALLER: Uh, Super Fresh.

DISPATCHER: At Super Fresh?


DISPATCHER: Are you inside or outside or ...

CALLER: Well, I’m inside right now.

DISPATCHER: OK, do you want to meet the officer outside?

CALLER: Uh, yes.

DISPATCHER: OK, right in front of the store?


DISPATCHER: OK, what’s your name?

CALLER: Uh, Carlton Dotson.

DISPATCHER: I’m sorry?

CALLER: Carlton Dotson. I would like to, I would like to, I would like to, uh, for you to, uh, also let the Dorchester County police know that I’m ...

(Section deleted by authorities)

DISPATCHER: OK, are you wanted by them or something?

CALLER: What did you say?

DISPATCHER: Are you wanted by them?

CALLER: No, I’m not wanted by them, but um, but I uh, I mean, they, they want to keep close tabs on me.

DISPATCHER: OK, do you know the phone number that you’re calling from?

CALLER: That’s my cell phone number.

DISPATCHER: OK, do you know it?

CALLER: (Dotson gives a number.)

DISPATCHER: All right. OK, what color shirt do you have on, so I can tell the officer what you look like?

CALLER: A white shirt, blue jeans.

DISPATCHER: All right, I’ll send her up, OK?


DISPATCHER: All right. Bye-bye.

CALLER: Bye-bye.

Second call, which began at 4:51 p.m.:

DISPATCHER: Kent County 911. What is your emergency?

CALLER: Um, yes, I need to.

(Section deleted by authorities)

DISPATCHER: Name, sir?

CALLER: Carlton Dotson.

DISPATCHER: OK. Are you at the Super Fresh?

CALLER: Yes ... (unintelligible) ... yes, sir.

DISPATCHER: OK, we have a couple of police officers around to talk to you and help you out.


DISPATCHER: They should be there shortly, OK?

CALLER: Thank you.

DISPATCHER: You’re welcome.

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