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NASA Finds Two New Asteroids

August 5, 1998

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Astronomers have identified two new asteroids headed toward Earth, but neither of the mile-wide rocks is expected to come near this planet for decades, NASA scientists said Wednesday.

The asteroids, named 1998 OH and 1998 OR2, were detected last month through a NASA tracking system, using a remote-controlled telescope in Hawaii.

David L. Rabinowitz, a co-investigator with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., made followup observations of the two objects using a 24-inch telescope. He said their orbits did not pose any immediate hazard to Earth.

Although the asteroids’ precise paths have not yet been determined, preliminary projections indicate that 1998 OH, for example, could get no closer than 3 million miles from Earth _ about 20 times the distance from Earth to the moon.

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