Senate Republicans ask Cooper to rescind appointment over ‘homegrown terrorists’ remark

February 5, 2019
Gov. Roy Cooper

Senate Republicans called on Gov. Roy Cooper Tuesday to rescind an appointment he gave a Charlotte City Council member who referred to police officers as “homegrown terrorists wearing blue uniforms.”

Charlotte Councilwoman LaWana Mayfield is also something of a 9/11 truther, questioning in a Facebook post last year whether planes really hit the World Trade Center in New York. But it was her March 2018 Twitter post on police in America that led The Charlotte Observer to call for her removal from the state Human Relations Commission in an editorial over the weekend.

Cooper named Mayfield to the board in December.

Senate Republicans followed the newspaper Tuesday, saying her inflammatory rhetoric makes police officers “even less safe.”

“Your elevation of Council Member Mayfield to this commission raises questions about your administration’s stance toward law enforcement,” all 29 Senate Republicans said in a letter to the governor. “Please send a strong message of support to North Carolina’s first responders – the men and women who protect our families and yours – by withdrawing Council Member Mayfield’s appointment.”

Mayfield said in a text message Tuesday that it’s an honor to be on the commission and that she plans to “bring a unique perspective that will best serve all of the people in our state” and “share some of Charlotte’s successful strategies in equal housing, fair employment and governmental representation, while also learning different approaches that could benefit our region.”

Cooper’s office didn’t immediately respond to a WRAL News request for comment, but senior adviser Ken Eudy told The Charlotte Observer that the governor doesn’t require the thousands of appointees he places on boards and commissions to have the same views as he does.

Eudy also said Mayfield is the longest-serving council member in the state’s largest city.

The Human Relations Commission “advocates, enforces and promotes equality of opportunity in the areas of housing, fair employment practices, public accommodations, education, justice and governmental services,” according to its website. The governor appoints 18 of the commission’s 22 members.

Mayfield tweeted in March that, “Being Black in America under #45 (Donald Trump) has created homegrown terrorists wearing blue uniforms.” She stood by the statement in subsequent interviews, tweeting that she has been one of the strongest supporters of law enforcement but wouldn’t turn “a blind eye to corruption, assaults, and the killings of unarmed black & brown people.”

“If you are offended by my comments and not the situation YOU need to re-evaluate,” she tweeted, The Charlotte Observer reported in May.

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