JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) _ Heavy rain triggered three landslides on the main Indonesian island of Java, killing seven people and bringing to at least 42 the number of people killed in landslides recently, news reports said Sunday.

Three workmen who had been laying an underground pipe were killed in a landslide on Friday near Garut in West Java, 124 miles southeast of Jakarta, the newspaper Kompas reported.

Three other road workers were killed by another landslide in the same area several few hours later. Two people were reported missing.

Also Friday, a woman was killed and four people were injured in a landslide near Jember in East Java, about 500 miles southeast of Jakarta.

Meanwhile, the death toll from a landslide on Thursday on the tourist island of Bali rose to 35 when three more bodies were found on Sunday, the official Antara news agency reported.

Five other villagers remained missing and were presumed to have been buried under tons of mud near Pupuan on Bali, 530 miles east of Jakarta, the Indonesian capital.