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Haft Family Feud Moves Into Divorce Court

August 11, 1993

WASHINGTON (AP) _ The Haft family feud has moved into divorce court with the millionaire entrepreneur and his wife of 45 years accusing each other of verbal and physical abuse - among other things.

Court papers filed Tuesday also charge illegal financial activity on the part of the retailing and real estate magnate.

Haft, 72, denied the charges and said his wife, Gloria, 66, and eldest son Robert, were involved in an ″unholy partnership″ designed to gain control of his business empire.

Haft had removed his wife from the board of the family holding company, Dart Group Corp., on June 7, after she sided with the 40-year-old son in the family feud.

The key issue was whether elder Haft, who controls 57 percent of the voting stock, would turn over control to his son. Instead, Haft removed Robert Haft from the boards of all of the companies within the group and has been assigning more control to a younger son, Ronald.

Mrs. Haft said in court documents that Haft has engaged in physical abuse, beginning with a shoving match that involved the couple and their daughter, Linda, at a family business meeting in April. Mrs. Haft said there had been other incidents in which her husband screamed and pushed his daughter.

Haft denied the allegations through his attorney, claiming his wife and older son had joined in ″an unholy partnership″ and were making ″totally false allegations ... in an effort to secure money and seize control of our family business.″

″Gloria has been verbally and physically abusive of me and has repeatedly threatened my physical well-being,″ Haft said through his lawyer.

Haft said any financial changes at the company had been legal and had not harmed the businesses.

″No family member or public shareholder has been injured of affected adversely,″ he said. ″All suggestions to the contrary are just what I was threatened with months ago by Gloria and Robert - a coordinated media campaign of lies made up to destroy me and Ronald - because I refused to anoint Robert my successor.″

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