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Teen-ager Sentenced On Charge of Aiding in Suicide

January 8, 1985

HOUSTON (AP) _ A teen-ager who helped a classmate prepare his suicide notes pleaded no contest Monday to a charge of aiding in a suicide and was sentenced to a year of probation and a $2,500 fine.

Jean Miller, 19, pleaded no contest to the charge of aiding the suicide death of Kent Kretsinger, 18, who shot himself fatally in 1982.

Judge A.D. Azios sentenced Miss Miller to probation and the fine as part of a plea bargain agreement, according to attorneys for Miss Miller.

She was accused of driving Kretsinger to his house, helping him stuff envelopes with suicide notes and addressing the envelopes.

Kretsinger’s family said Miss Miller had a power over the youth and that he had left his car and other belongings to the young woman.

Miss Miller’s parents, however, said their daughter was a scapegoat in the death and has had to undergo psychiatric counseling since the incident.

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