Mystic developments may mean more sewage sent to Stonington Borough plant

July 31, 2018

Stonington — With more than a 70 million medical and research campus with apartments and town homes. Seaport Marine in downtown Mystic has unveiled a plan to redevelop its property into a hotel, restaurant, commercial space, apartments, town homes, single-family homes and a public-access boardwalk. In addition, developers have discussed the construction of three new hotels in the so-called Golden Triangle area at Route 27 and Coogan Boulevard.

All those projects would produce large amounts of sewage that would needed to be treated at the Mystic plant.

“We have a lot of development planned for Mystic, so this is not something we want to wait too long to do,” Nettleton said.

He said the study is one DEEP would require the town to do eventually but waiting too long could result in a moratorium on new hookups.

Nettleton said he is developing a request for proposals from consultants to study the various options and costs of such a project. He said that if the town had a plan in place in 18 to 24 months, it would be able to seek bonding approval when the debt payments on the elementary school project begin to drop. It is unknown how much the sewer line project will cost.

“We’d like to be first in line for bonding at that point,” he said.

Nettleton said the existing pipeline between the two plants appears to be in good condition. But updates would be required to pumps in Mystic and along the pipeline, as well as to mechanical, electrical and technical equipment at both plants.

In addition, there would be added odor control measures and steps would be taken to ensure there is a steady level of flow to the borough plant.

Nettleton explained that sewer plants operate most efficiently and without problems when flow levels remain steady and do not fluctuate greatly.

Nettleton said he was sure the town could take steps to prevent odor problems at the borough plant and along the pipeline from the increased flow. The pipeline extends east along Route 1 and down North Water Street into the borough.

The pipeline was built about 25 years ago and at the time sewage was sent from the overburdened Mystic plant to the borough. That process was stopped when upgrades were made to the Mystic plant.


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