Lee and Whiteside County property transfers: July 28, 2018

July 28, 2018

Whiteside County property transfers recorded the week of July 16:

Warranty deeds

• Larry T. and Elizabeth M. Bellini to Brett L. and Samantha L. Buss Yingling, 29830 Plautz Road, Rock Falls, $198,900.

• Charles E. and Martha G. Crow to Benjamin J. Brown, 1607 English St., Rock Falls, $10,000.

• Robert M. Sherwin to Anthony Fidis, 806 W. Eighth St., Sterling, $28,000.

• Jeff T. and Terri M. VanOosten to Paul D. and Brigitte M. Young, 528 Sixth St., Erie, $113,500.

• Robert L. Carroll, Donna L. Landherr, Janice E. Stage, Mary S. Eads, and Linda Lou Degroot Estate to Mark A. and Amber L. Temple, 705 Keith Drive, Morrison, $72,000.

• Michael J., Nikki R., and Connie Freeman to Donald E. McCallister, 200 E. 14th St., Rock Falls, $42,500.

• Adele Castillo Eklund, Susan Shevlin, Michele Henrekin, Teresa Craft, and Paul Castillo Jr. to Larry and Elizabeth Bellini, 821 Greenridge Drive, Sterling, $122,500.

• Jason A. Johnson to Drew and Lindsey Nederhoff, 8250 Hazel Road, Morrison, $44,000.

• Hauck Homes Inc. to Larry G. and Mary R. McCormick Trust, 16418 Prairieville Road, Sterling, $272,500.

• Avis E. Sutton Trust to Gary L. Sutton, 803 Third St. West, Lyndon, $0.

• Rajal and Suman Gopal to Kathryn, Gail, and Robert Woodward, 2109 E. 39th St., Sterling, $278,000.

• Phyllis Tenboer to Daniel A. and Julie A. Vanzuiden, 418 Fourth St., Fulton, $186,000.

• Gregory S. Fullman to Melissa A. Avery, 403 Second Ave., Rock Falls, $37,000.

• Marvin E. Younger Sr. to Dale E. and Kaitlyn T. Velazquez, 25340 Front St., Sterling, $58,300.

• Sarah H. and William A. Thorndike Jr. to Dale L. Belt and Lori D. Neighbour, 1006 Glenwood Drive, Morrison, $240,000.

• Wiersema Holmes Inc. to Fabian S. Mendoza and Megan T. Carter, 1504 E. 18th St., Sterling, $110,000.

• Community Unit School District No. 5 to Tri-County Opportunities Council, 506 W. Fourth St., Sterling, $0.

• Gregory J. Bontz to Thomas and Dacia Nelson, 412 W. 11th St., Sterling, $88,000.

• Jonathon R. and Rhonda L. Bush to Matthew James and Betty L. McDonnell, 21272 Lyndon Road, Morrison, $132,210.

• Jeffrey L. and Sheila A. Wildt to Shane S. and Melissa A. Willard, 1104 Eighth St., Erie, $172,000.

• David J. and Sandra A. Glazier to Robert J. Troye, 506 E. 26th St., Sterling, $90,000.

• Rodney R. and Linda J. Allison to Scott S. Rogers, 405 Dixon Ave., Rock Falls, $104,000.

• Ann C. Friel to Joshua J. and Misty N. Nichols, 2203 16th Ave., Sterling, $155,000.

• Daniel “Danny” A. and Julie A. Vanzuiden to Ricky G. and Mary B. Eizenga, 822 Fowler Road, Fulton, $172,500.

• Jenna M. Armoska to Brendon J. Dravis, 407 Seventh Ave., Rock Falls, $52,000.

• Joseph E. and Patricia L. Baldwin to James A. and Shawn L. Vervynck, 507 E. Fifth St., Rock Falls, $55,000.

• Arnold L. and Jane A. Brooks and Deborah Bostak to Brooks, Brooks and Brooks, 6798 Yorktown Road in Prophetstown and three parcels in Hume Township, $0.

Quit claim deeds

• Central Bank Illinois to Federal National Mortgage Association, 6510 Holly Road, Fulton, $0.

• Ryan Hasselbacher to Patrick D. and Anne M. Balsley, 29077 Knief Road, Rock Falls, $800.

• Bryant McFarren to Boyd and Sally McFarren Trust, 9993 Meredosia Road, Albany, $52,000.

• Mark A. Bland to Mark A. and Karyn R. Bland, 1474 Washington Road, Prophetstown, $0.

• Richard L. and Julie L. Damhoff to Timothy J. Geiger, one parcel in Hopkins Township, $0.

• Heather J. Randle, now Collins, to Clifford A. Collins, 1408 Hunter St., Sterling, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

• Carmen A. Luther Trust to Sue E. Peterson, 1719 Avenue D, Sterling, $175,000.

• James J. Howell Trust to Deanna Vasquez, 26827 Knief Road, Rock Falls, $105,000.

Judge’s deed

• William G. Brooks Jr. and Whiteside County circuit judge to Ailt J. and Sally L. Hippen, 17508 Coleta Road, Sterling, $0.

Executor’s deed

• Dale E. Krutsinger Estate to Gerald and Jocelyn Johnston, 907 Ash Ave., Sterling, $23,000.


• Gloria Lopez to Benjamin Perez Trust, 712 W. 10th St., Sterling, $0.

• Whiteside County Sheriff, Tyler A. and Kellsey M. Ristau, and Melvin J. Berlin Estate to Community State Bank, Sterling, 1404 E. 14th St., Sterling, $0.

• Whiteside County Sheriff and Laura and Hugo Huaracha to Community State Bank, Sterling, 1006 W. Fifth St., Sterling, $0.

Source: Whiteside

County Recorder’s Office

Lee County property transfers recorded the week of July 16:

Warranty deeds

• Betty A. Payne and to Frances M. Kessel, 1303 Amboy Road, Amboy, $27,000.

• Joan B. Kessel to Frances M. Kessel, 1303 Amboy Road, Amboy, $27,000.

• Erika K. Fordham to Vincent M. Center, 819 N. Ottawa Ave., Dixon, $89,000.

• Janice L. Hamill to Lirim Minimi, 507 E. Chamberlin St., Dixon, $82,000.

• Billie and Edward A. Bratt to Debra Nichols, 516 Devonshire St., Dixon, $82,500.

• Melissa R. and William D. Clark to Tonya N. Rhodes, 1306 W. Fourth St., Dixon, $58,900.

• Dian and Lyle L. Sr. Lake to Jeffrey A. Staten, block 11, lot 257, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $7,000.

• Marie L. and Robert E. Conquest to Carrie A. and Daniel J. Miller, block 2, lot 94, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $13,000.

• M. Jane and Daniel E. O’Connell Jr. to Matthew S. and Teresa L. Olson, 1954 Ole Hickory Road, Amboy, $327,000.

• Corrine C. Morrissey, Patricia A. Cox, power of attorney, to Anthony C. and Diane L. McCoy, 229 W. Division St., Amboy, $50,000.

• Julie A. Johnson, now Greffe, to Cheryl Albright, 307 Fuller St., Steward, $62,500.

• Aaron N. and Kathleen S. Smith to Jacob A. Hey, 810 N. Jefferson Ave., Dixon, $123,000.

• Benjimin and Lauren Burger, formerly Smith, to Brent P. Porter, 618 Fourth Ave., Dixon, $74,000.

• Midwest Tulsa Property Inc. to Leszek and Marta Kozminski, block 29, lot 39, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $4,800.

• Laurel Sweat to David Edward Callen, block 2, lot 74, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $23,700.

• Raj Kendrick to Marcus Reginald Knight, 1303 Christiana Terrace, Dixon, $0.

• Christina L. and Christopher A. Becker to Steven M. Sweet and Carolyn L. Wieczorek-Sweet, 1850 Richardson Road, Amboy, $71,000.

• Joann Green to James and Rita Cassier, 627 German Road, Paw Paw, $222,000.

• Michael Bloome to Kenneth G. Avard, block 5, lot 395, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $32,500.

• William Murray to Jeffery L. and Shelby A. Potter, block 25, lot 125, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,000.

• Jerry Lynn Cox and Jeffrey A. and Shannon L. Gates to Sylvia A. Garcia and Jose L. Villegas, block 11, lots 321 and 322, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $17,000.

• David E. and Sofia Velasco Belbis to Kelly L. Daraska, block 15, lot 30, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,000.

• Justina and Thomas Peterson to Linnette and Domingo Claudio Jr., block 6, lot s190 and 191, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $6,000.

• D&K Properties to Courtnie and Nicholas Griffin, 316 S. Ottawa Ave., Dixon, $17,500.

• Midwest Tulsa Property to Nancy Lindsay and Linda Seitz, block 26, lot 56, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $4,500.

Quit claim deeds

• Ann E. Gronlund, Craig A. and Dean A. Kessel to Joan B. Kessel, 1303 Amboy Road, Amboy, $0.

• Stephanie A. Longtin to Darin M. Longtin, 888 Cedar Court, Dixon, $0.

• Joe and Lilia Briano to Jose and Lilia Briano and Lucia L. and Efren Lugo Jr., block 5, lot 200, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

• Cynthia A., Daniel J., Donald J., and the late Bonnie J. Mathieson to Bonnie J. Mathieson Trust, Donald J. Mathieson, successor trustee, two parcels in Brooklyn Township, $0.

• Cynthia A., Daniel J. and Donald J. Mathieson to Donald J. Mathieson Revocable Trust, Donald J. Mathieson, trustee, one parcel in Lee Center Township, $0.

Trustee’s deed

• Frances M. Kessel to Joan B. Kessel Trust Number 97, Joan B. Kessel and Ann E. Gronlund, co-trustees, one parcel in Amboy Township, $215,000.

Sheriff’s deed

• Gary Kehm and Lee County sheriff to Bear Stearns Asset Backed Securities I Trust 2007-HE5, U.S. Bank, trustee, 3226 Hayes Road, Rochelle, $0.

Tax deeds

• Lee County Clerk to Midwest Tulsa Property Inc., block 29, lot 39, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

• Lee County Clerk to Midwest Tulsa Property Inc., block 26, lot 56, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

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