Penguins’ Brian Dumoulin’s dog, Roo, has a high cute factor

November 12, 2018

There’s no substitute for cute.

And Brian Dumoulin’s bulldog Roo is a prime example.

The Pittsburgh Penguins tweeted a short video Wednesday morning of Dumoulin and his wife, Kayla, talking about their new home in the Pittsburgh area and how it helps at the end of the season with their return to Boston.

However, it’s 2-year-old Roo that steals the whole thing.

“She loves the couch more than us,” Dumoulin says. “This is her territory right here.”

Roo certainly has a beautiful backyard to play in.

“Having rented, it’s obviously your place, but you always feel like someone is watching over you,” Dumoulin says. “It’s really nice to kinda be our own landlords.”

Ya gotta admit: The dog’s got spunk.

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