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Students From Tufts, Moscow State To Discuss Arms Race

February 19, 1988

MEDFORD, Mass. (AP) _ About 350 students from Tufts University will discuss the Cold War and nuclear arms race in a classroom session with undergraduate counterparts in the Soviet Union via television, the school said.

The March 5 teleconference is the first of three scheduled sessions between students from Tufts and Moscow State University in a jointly run course on the superpowers’ arms buildup.

Tufts professor Martin J. Sherwin, course instructor and director of Tufts’ Nuclear Age History and Humanities Center, said the project coincides with the rise of glasnost, Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev’s policy of openness.

″Given the new climate in the Soviet Union, this appears to be the right step at the right time,″ he said.

An American panel of historians and foreign policy experts is scheduled to discuss the arms race with a panel of Soviet counterparts.

″These programs will be lively discussions,″ Sherwin said. ″Panelists will be directed to engage in a dialogue rather than to present set pieces.″

Students will have an opportunity to question both countries’ panelists, he added.

The first session will focus on the history of the nuclear age, including the consequences of the U.S. bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II, the first United Nations’ arms control debates and the origins of the Cold War, Sherwin said.

The 1962 Cuban missile crisis and current nuclear policy issues - including the U.S. Strategic Defense Initiative program, the Geneva arms talks and the December signing of an intermediate range missile reduction treaty - will be discussed at April 9 and April 30 sessions.

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