NEW YORK (AP) _ Sharon Stone is only playing a mom in a new movie. The actress is denying published reports she's pregnant.

Citing friends of the actress, the New York Post reported Monday that Stone, married less than a year, is in her first trimester.

Stone begged to differ.

``Not only am I not pregnant, but it is the exterior of my body that is my public image and therefore available to the press,'' she said Monday. ``This place in my heart and my body is my own. I suggest the press back up to a dignified and respectful place.''

Stone, 40, who became a star after her steamy role in ``Basic Instinct'', plays the mother of a young, handicapped genius in the upcoming movie ``The Mighty.''

The actress married San Francisco Examiner executive editor Phil Bronstein in February.

``I'm ready for motherhood because I've found the perfect partner,'' Stone told a British magazine in May. ``So we make love every single moment that we get a chance.''