William H. Harrison-1841-1841

February 13, 2019
William H. Harrison

• Born: February 9th, 1773, Berkeley, VA

• Died: April 4th, 1841 in Washington, D.C.

• Married to: Anna Tuthill Symmes Harrison

• Children: 10

• College: Hampden-Sydney College, University of Pennsylvania Medical School

• Other occupations: Army officer, Governor to the Territory of Indiana, Ambassador to Columbia, US Senator, Congressman

• Party affiliation: Whig

• Vice President: John Tyler

• Burial site: Harrison Tomb State Memorial, North Bend, OH

General William Henry Harrison, the hero of frontier days from the Ohio River to the Great Lakes, came to the White House as the oldest man ever elected president up to that time. He died a month after his inauguration.

Old Tippecanoe” ran against President Martin Van Buren in 1840 and defeated him. This brave man had been a tough Indian fighter, defeating a savage band of land-hungry Shawnees at Tippecanoe Creek in Indiana in 1811.

The Whigs came up with the “Old Tippecanoe” while trying to cash in on the popularity of Andrew Jackson. Harrison was actually a Virginiaborn aristocrat. His father had been a governor of Virginia and signer of the Declaration of Independence.

The Battle of Tippecanoe, upon which Harrison’s fame was to rest, disrupted Tecumseh’s confederacy but failed to diminish Indian raids.

Harrison came to Congress in 1816 from Ohio and was later elected to the U.S. Senate. He resigned to be named minister to Columbia.

The Whig party selected Harrison as its presidential candidate in 1840 after a contest with Henry Clay of Kentucky. His election was close in most states, but Harrison won all but a handful of them.

After his election, Harrison chose Daniel Webster for secretary of state and prepared to restore the United States Bank, according to the Whig platform.

One of his first presidential acts was to call a special session of Congress. He did not live to see it assembled.

Harrison’s third son, John Scott Harrison, was in Congress when his father was president, and a grandson was to be the 23rd president.

Harrison caught pneumonia during inaugural ceremonies and died April 4, 1841. He was buried in North Bend, Ohio.

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