Opinion: Whatever happens to Brett Kavanaugh, this much is true

October 6, 2018

Mary Schmich writes for the Chicago Tribune:

“One day soon, Brett Kavanaugh may take a seat on the United States Supreme Court.

Whether or not he does, people will continue to debate whether he assaulted a teenage girl when they were both in high school, whether as a young man he was an aggressive drunk and whether, in pursuit of a job dedicated to justice, he lied under oath about both.

The political maneuvering and rancor will go on, the invective hurled like stink bombs.

But in the fog and noise, for those who let themselves look and listen, at least one clear truth will emerge from this ugly moment:

We’re only beginning to comprehend the magnitude of sexual violence and predation in this country. We’re still in the early phases of naming it for what it is and acknowledging it as one of our great national shames.”

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