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Iraq Says It Has No Nuclear Weapons Capabilities

September 21, 1995

VIENNA, Austria (AP) _ Iraq told an international nuclear conference Thursday that it had no capability to make nuclear weapons.

Addressing a conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Iraqi delegate Abdulkarim Aswad said his country had ``fully discharged its obligations″ under a U.N. Security Council resolution requiring Iraq to eliminate its nuclear weapons program.

``(Iraq) has no operational capabilities of nuclear weapons production,″ Aswad said.

Last week, the agency said that Iraq had embarked on a crash program to develop a nuclear weapon just after invading Kuwait in 1990, but that allied bombing and technical difficulties had doomed it.

The agency’s director general, Hans Blix, told the conference Monday that the ``essential components of Iraq’s clandestine nuclear weapons program have been identified and destroyed, removed or rendered harmless.″

The agency recently received thousands of pages of documents from the Iraqis. Agency officials are analyzing them, but have found nothing to change their view that Iraq’s nuclear program has been destroyed.

A crippling international trade embargo has been imposed on Iraq until it eliminates all its weapons of mass destruction and the means of making them.

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