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Kangaroo bewilders rural Sweden

May 14, 1997

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) _ When a rural Swedish woman set out some sunflower seeds, she attracted the wildlife she expected _ but not the kangaroo that showed up.

Vivi Berglund told the Swedish news agency TT that her unexpected guest showed up about 4 a.m. while she was sleeping. A howling house cat alerted her to the kangaroo’s presence.

When Berglund sat up in bed and looked out the window, she couldn’t believe what she saw. ``I turned on the lamp so I could see better, but he sprang away,″ she said.

Eventually, the kangaroo came back.

Berglund and her husband, Bo, reported the incident to police in nearby Hagfors, about 165 miles northwest of Stockholm. They, too, found it hard to believe.

``People here have reported seeing wolves and lynx and so on,″ officer Kjell Birgersson told TT on Tuesday. ``But never a kangaroo.″

But then another woman in the area reported seeing the bouncy beast. And a forest ranger inspected some animal tracks and confirmed they were made by a kangaroo.

With that question answered, authorities now are trying to figure out where the marsupial came from. No zoos or circuses in the region have reported any missing.