James R. Puz: Terrorists have nothing to lose

January 23, 2019

Here’s something to ponder. ISIS, Al-Qaeda (The Foundation) and Al-Shabaab (The Youth or Youngsters) all have followers who have no fear in dying by suicide. Somehow we Westerners haven’t fully grasped that. These people will die for a principle (religion), no differently than Japan’s kamikaze (Divine Wind) pilots (following the samurai code of Bushido) during WWII who were willing to die for their emperor.

Today’s terrorists are quite effective, expending minimal effort to achieve maximum effect. That’s the same as during WWII when the Essex carrier USS Bunker Hill was hit off Okinawa (1945) by only two kamikaze planes (two pilots) yet inflicted casualties exceeding 600 with 346 confirmed dead and 43 MIA. Many other US naval vessels in the Pacific suffered horrendous loss of life from these determined pilots and their explosives-laden planes.

So we, and the world, had better get used to unflinching attacks by suicide bombers — men and women — who feel they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. And they don’t need any encouragement from mindless politicians shooting off their mouths to gain brownie points with their followers. This ain’t no game. This is reality and life and death hang in the balance. So, shut up.

James R. Puz, Winona

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