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Defense Lawyer Claims Angiulo A Legitimate Businessman

January 3, 1986

BOSTON (AP) _ A lawyer for reputed mob leader Gennaro Angiulo says he will show that the $3 million Angiulo withdrew from a Boston bank from 1979 to 1982 was earned through honest labor.

Attorney Anthony Cardinale said Thursday the money was earned from legitimate businesses and not, as federal prosecutors contend, from crime. Cardinale made his statement as the defense opened its segment of a seven- month-old racketeering trial of Angiulo, three of his brothers and an alleged associate.

Joel T. Nelson, Bank of Boston keeper of records, testified Thursday that Angiulo did business with the bank through Huntington Realty.

At the end of each year for between 1979 and 1982, Angiulo withdrew money from an account in Huntington Realty’s name and distributed it to his four brothers, said Cardinale.

In 1979, he withdrew $504,327; in 1980, $681,101; in 1981, $712,700; and in 1982, $1.2 million, Cardinale said.

″The Angiulo brothers engaged in legitimate business activities″ including ″real estate transactions, collection of rent and the lawful loaning of money,″ said Elliot M. Weinstein, who represents reputed mob accountant Francesco J. Angiulo, who is also a defendant.

The government alleges that Huntington Realty was a front for the Angiulos’ profits from illegal gambling enterprises, loan-sharking and other criminal activities.

As Angiulo was leaving the courtroom to return to the Charles Street Jail, where he has been imprisoned without bail since September 1983, he asked a reporter, ″How would you defend tapes that are cryptic in nature and have an illusion of conversations?″

The government has used more than 50 hours of secretly recorded conversations to support its 20-count indictment charging Angiulo and co- defendants with running a racketeering enterprise engaging in gambling, loan- sharking, murder and obstruction of justice.

Also on trial with Gennaro Angiulo, 66, and Francesco Angiulo, 64, are Donato F. Angiulo, 62; Michele A. Angiulo, 58; and Samuel S. Granito, 78.

Reputed mob leaders Ilario M.A. Zannino, 65, and Vittore N. Angiulo, 69, were also named in the indictment, but their trial was delayed because of illness.

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