New York man faces felonies in Columbia County after escalated OWI arrest

September 22, 2018


A New York man is facing felony charges after an arrest involving marijuana and operating a vehicle while intoxicated escalated into explicit death threats against Portage and Columbia County law enforcement and an uncertain status in the country.

Ibrahima Seck, 42, appeared in Columbia County Circuit Court on Friday charged with two counts of threatening an officer, one count of resisting an officer, one count of disorderly conduct and one count of possession of marijuana.

“He is not a United States citizen,” said District Attorney Jane Kohlwey, requesting a $15,000 cash bond. “And interestingly, everything we are checking with consulates we have not been able to track down a country of origin, just the entire continent of Africa as origin.”

Seck was arrested on Tuesday evening after he had been approached by a Columbia County Sheriff’s Office deputy at the Arlington BP on Highway 51. The officer reported arriving and seeing a large moving truck that Seck had been driving, with no passengers.

The officer reported finding marijuana in the driver’s area of the truck, along with rolling papers. A second deputy arrived on the scene where, during the vehicle search, Seck reportedly began swearing at the deputies. When he began approaching one of the deputies, a deputy sprayed Seck in the face with pepper spray, then took him into custody.

Seck was taken to Divine Savior where, according to the criminal complaint he also swore at a nurse attempting to clean pepper spray from his face. Two Portage police officers were brought in for backup during the visit and transport.

After officers placed Seck in a restraint chair, he reportedly told one of the arresting deputies, “I see you in New York, you’d be a dead man,” then threatening that his brothers would come for him and afterward he would put the deputy’s head on a stick, then telling the deputy and the Portage officers that he would shoot them in the head with .45-caliber bullets.

At the time of the arrest, Seck was working with an Illiniois-based company, moving property from Texas to Rhinelander, according to information shared in court by Kohlwey and defense attorney Amanda Riek.

“He started drinking in Madison and ended up in Columbia County,” said Kohlwey, going on to highlight an extensive out-of-state arrest record, with one arrest by the New York Police Department May 30 in which he was charged with second-degree assault, a Bronx County case from a July 7 incident charging criminal possession of a weapon with intent to use and on Aug. 7 from Bronx County in which he is charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving property damage.

Riek pointed out that at the time of his arrest Seck was driving a rental vehicle with about $800 in rental fees due. As a non-citizen, Riek also pointed out that given the felony charge, Seck would be subject to extradition if he were in other states and possibly a federal hold given his residency.

Along with the felony case, the District Attorney’s Office also charged two separate traffic forfeiture cases against Seck, one for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and another for possession of an open intoxicant in a motor vehicle.

Seck faces up to six years in prison for each count if convicted of threatening a law enforcement officer. The other three misdemeanor charges carry a total maximum sentence of 18 months in jail.

Judge W. Andrew Voigt ordered Seck to be held on $15,000 cash bond. He is scheduled to next appear for a preliminary hearing in his first case on Sept. 27. Seck is scheduled to appear for an initial appearance for his two traffic cases on Oct. 22.

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