What Will Democrats Achieve in Next Two Years?

November 9, 2018

Looking at the outcome of the election I see mixed results for Trump and Republicans. They were probably never going to hold the majority in Congress. They gained important seats in the Senate. That’s where we confirm Supreme Court justices if another pick should come along. Democrats can’t impeach Trump if they don’t control the Senate. I’m thankful for what Trump has accomplished in his first two years with the majority compared to what Obama accomplished.

Trump’s first two years gave us record low unemployment, record stock market, rising wages, and two conservative picks to the Supreme Court. Trump renegotiated NAFTA and a new trade deal with Mexico and Canada. Currently, Trump is putting the squeeze on China with their unfair trade practices. North Korea has released hostages and returned the remains of war dead from 60 years ago. Consumer confidence is on the rise, NATO’s now paying more for their security, and manufacturing jobs are coming back to America.

Remember Obama first two years with a majority? We got Obamacare. That was supposed to fix health care and now eight years later the Democrats are still running on health care. Democrats are talking about all the investigations they want to do now that they control the House. How is any of that going to help the people who voted for them? Here’s what I predict. I think Democrats are going to have trouble keeping the new Democrats moving in the same direction. It will look like chaos. I think voters will look at that in two years and say no thanks.



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