Kid’s take on movies: ‘The Kid Who Would be King’

February 4, 2019

This movie is very interesting. I like how it starts with illustrations that look like you are reading a book and then transitions to a live-action film. While watching this, it made me think about Harry Potter, although it is very different than other magical and majestic films like the Harry Potter films and Fantastic Beasts.

The film is based on the King Arthur story and retold in a modern way. It’s about a boy named Alex (Louis Ashborne Serkis) who finds the Excalibur sword and embarks on an adventure trying to battle bullying and injustice.

He teams up with his best friend in his journey to become a great leader. Alex and his enemies form a group of brave knights to fight monsters and defy great dangers.

In the beginning, Alex and his best friend, Bedders (Dean Chaumoo), are victims of bullying at their school. They believe they are regular boys until the day Alex comes across a sword in a big rock. He pulls it out and shows it to Bedders. Later, they realize that everything that happens to them is similar to what happened in a book Alex’s dad had given him. It is a very special book because, despite that his father left, Alex still has feelings for him.

He and Bedders go on a quest that replicates in many ways the story of the King Arthur legend. Alex discovers his power for being a leader and doing good deeds. The story is also about his self-discovery of loss and acceptance.

This spin on the classic King Arthur tale has a different purpose than other versions: to show today’s kids the power of classic tales and the importance of books, and to find the good within ourselves by retelling the story in a contemporary way and making it relatable to a new generation.

The film reminds us why books are essential in our education and how they show messages about perseverance and loyalty. In the movie, the main characters face lots of obstacles, and some are very scary.

The scenes with the medieval villain Morgana are particularly exiting. I also love the scenes with Merlin, especially the younger one. They are funny and obviously magical.

I like that Alex and Beddders team up with their enemies in their journey. I enjoy the sets in London from the landscapes near the city to the beautiful Stonehenge. The sets and costumes are well done. The acting is very good and the special effects believable.

The story flows well, although there are so many scenes that make the film longer than necessary. Another thing that bothered me is that it references so many things we have seen in other films. That makes it not very original. Also, some scenes are overly dramatic.

I do like how this film shows the classic tale based on someone pulling a sword out of a stone and becoming king.

The message of this film is that nobody is just ordinary. We just have to discover the great powers we have within ourselves.

I give The this film 4.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for kids 6 to 18. It opened in theaters on Jan. 25, so look for it.

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