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Democrats Resort to Doggerel When GOP Blocks Economic Plan Action With AM-Clinton Economy, Bjt

April 3, 1993

WASHINGTON (AP) _ With Republican flypaper gumming up congressional action on President Clinton’s economic plan, Senate Democrats resorted to verse Saturday to express frustration over ″too much talk and legislative balk.″

″Do we not understand, that all over this land, the people don’t want us to fight,″ intoned Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., reading nine paragraphs of doggerel he penned earlier in the day.

″They want us to move, legislation approve; they want us to do what is right,″ Kerry said.

And the Senate’s public galleries, which had just seen Republicans squash a Democratic effort to limit debate on the jobs bill which is a major part of the Clinton plan, burst into exuberant applause.

A Kerry sampler:

″What kind of Senate is this?

With increasing venom they hiss.

Our citizens scream, ’You ain’t no team,

By now we thought you would know.

We sent you here to work - not behave like a jerk,

While the nation is sinking so low.‴

There was no direct response from the GOP, which has rallied all 47 Republican senators in a united front against the Clinton plan’s spending programs.

But Sen. Robert C. Byrd, D-W. Va., said he was reminded of ″the two Kilkenny cats″ each of which thought ″that two cats were too many.″

So, recited Byrd, ″They clawed and they fought, they scratched and they bit,″ and soon, ″Instead of two cats, there weren’t any.″

″That’s about what’s going to happen to us both if we go on like this,″ Byrd said.

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