BROOMFIELD, Colo. (AP) _ Truck driver Greg Robbins said he'd never hauled a giraffe before but Jody Jonas, who knows, said, ''Compared to the elephant, it's a cup of tea.''

Six men loaded the 15-foot-tall, 500-pound giraffe aboard Robbins' truck, its legs straight up, and he left Wednesday for the Springfield Science Museum in Massachusetts, where the stuffed giraffe will be on display.

The Joe Jonas Jr. Taxidermy Studio mounted the giraffe, which died at the Arbuckle, Okla., Wilderness Park at the age of 15.

Jonas' business in Broomfield is familiar to Boulder-Denver Turnpike drivers who see its fiberglass giraffe straddling the roof. Jonas, 56, will work on anything from aardvarks to zebras and has patrons worldwide.

He prides himself on the quality of his work and tells employees: ''Make (the animal) look like it's going to a Saturday night dance.''

Unlike the ''mannequin dressing'' style of some taxidermists who stretch skins over pre-made models, Jonas creates his own models which are used to form the fiberglass ''insides'' of the animals. From there he makes a mold with foam and plaster that is later adjusted to fit the skin.

Jonas said he is the only taxidermist anywhere with a mold for a giraffe.

The museum is paying Jonas $15,850 for the giraffe, which took took two men a month to complete.

The most challenging project was the elephant Mrs. Jonas mentioned to the mover. The pachyderm taxidermy took six men three months to complete.