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Every Day Earth Day in Earth, Texas With AM-Earth Day, Bjt

April 22, 1990

EARTH, Texas (AP) _ Every day is Earth Day in this tiny cattle and farming community in west Texas.

But the 1,250 folks who live here, called Earthlings, are not sparing the chance to capitalize on the 20th anniversary Sunday of the national observance of Earth Day.

″This is the opportunity that we have been waiting for,″ said Noel Pittman, the town’s Earth Day chairwoman. ″This day was made for Earth, Texas.″

When Earthlings say there is something in the air, they usually mean dust, tumbleweed or the pungent stench of cattle herds just east of town. But this weekend they are talking about excitement.

Not since a Dairy Queen commercial was taped in Earth two years ago has there been such a buzz among the locals, Ms. Pittman said.

″The Dairy Queen commercial put us on the map, at least in Texas,″ she said. ″Most everyone from Earth was in the commercial and people still talk about it. But we are hoping Earth Day will be even bigger.″

To ensure a large turnout from natives and surrounding towns, the Chamber of Commerce held Earth Day activities on Saturday.

City officials acknowledge that many of the people attending the outdoor ceremony came simply to mix with neighbors in some place other than the bank or Dairy Queen.

″I am sure there are some people here that have no idea what Earth Day is or what it means,″ said Ms. Pittman. ″But maybe the activities will help make them more aware. If not, they will have a great time greeting folks.″

The post office is capitalizing on Earth Day by issuing a commemorative postmark.

Since Earth is the only town in the United States with that name, it is the only place where an Earth Day pictorial postmark can be found, said postmaster Don Hallett.

The postmark, which is inked across stamps as a void, features a tree outlined in green with ″April 22, 1990, Earth″ scripted in the branches.

Mayor Raiford Daniel said he would love to see Earth become the national headquarters for future Earth Day celebrations.

″This could be the beginning of something big,″ Daniel said. ″That is what we are hoping for. If the rest of the country decides that we should be the focal point for Earth Day activities, all they have to do is call. We will be here.″

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