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12-Year-Old Gunned Down on Street

March 9, 1998

MIAMI (AP) _ A 12-year-old girl on a short trip for lemonade and a Popsicle was killed by a drive-by gunman as she waited to cross a busy street.

The girl was gunned down Sunday afternoon with bullets apparently intended for someone else, police said. The shooting took place in Miami’s crime-ridden Allapattah neighborhood.

After a short highway pursuit, police caught three suspects when their car spun out of control into a fence.

The girl, whose name was not released, had left a flea market booth she tended with family friends to visit a market across the street, police said.

With a lemonade in one hand, a frozen Popsicle and fruit juice in the other, she stood at a street corner just before 4 p.m., waiting for cars to pass so she could return to selling electronics and toys.

A brown Oldsmobile Cutlass came charging up, with a back-seat passenger firing bullets out the window. He missed his target and struck the girl in the head, police said.

People nearby said they heard up to eight gunshots as the car raced by.

``I ran over and see this little girl on the ground shaking. She had a big hole in her head,″ said Joseph Cinotti, 26, who lives nearby.

Cinotti pulled off his T-shirt and placed it beside the dying child’s wound. She lifted her head slightly, looked at him, then rested her head on the pavement as Cinotti took off to call 911.

The girl, a Haitian immigrant, lived with family friends in Miami, authorities said. Her parents are in Haiti.

Charges were pending against Ignacio Restrepo, 20; Michael A. Guerra, 15; and Raul Fonseca, 51. Police did not identify the person they were allegedly trying to shoot, but said it was an attempt to settle a dispute front of a store last week.

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