Verb the Noun

January 10, 2019

What happens when a collection of video gaming guys get together for gaming, music and party favors?

Verb the Noun happens.

Briar Burns, (on drums) of Table 32; Brandon Vu, (on guitar and backup vocals) of the Hard Rock’s World Tour Buffet; Stone Prokop (on vocals), of the fabulous McDonald’s burger chain. These men comprise the experimental and improvisational band of Verb the Noun, a band that is about to release its first EP, “Smash Jazz,” at an album release show at 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Jan. 12 at Club Riviera’s Room Three.

The band formed after a former bandmate of Vu’s passed away. A torch needed to be carried, and this band is what formed in the aftermath. A life needed to be remembered and cherished through music. Like 1990’s “Temple of the Dog” record, a music tribute was needed for (this time) the unforgettable Sioux City musician, Alex Emory.

“A big thing about this band is to memorize our friend, Alex Emory,” said Prokop.

“When I started this band, I had a bass player in mind…that was Emory,” said Vu. “When he passed, I didn’t know what I wanted to do.”

“It was one of those too-soon moments and we didn’t want to talk about it or deal with it,” said Burns.

The band draws influence from Hella Death Grips, Tera Melos, Dillinger Escape Plan, Fall of Troy, Under Oath, Converge and many others.

Although you may think rock musicians have a tough shell and don’t care about performing, Prokop can testify differently.

“I always get so nervous before I go on, but then the music just starts,” said the singer. “I’m instantly just in it and everyone is having a good time. It’s just about three dudes making noise and everyone having a good time. Briar and I have had experience performing in front of live crowds since middle school.”

Why do these kids play music, though?

“Playing music is the only time I can focus on something longer than 30 minutes,” said the drummer.

“I play music because otherwise I don’t know what kind of person I’d be,” said Vu.

The music the band plays may not be conventional by any standards, but the members have learned to groove off of each other.

“We feel comfortable enough to experiment,” said Burns.

“I can start a random groove and Briar will join in,” said Vu. “Stone will start humming a nice sound behind it and a lot of times people will come up to us after and ask what song we are playing…the truth is it was improvised…we just came up with it.”

According to Burns, the new EP has something for everybody.

“There’s a lot of intensity, but there’s also a lot of calm moments,” said Burns.

“We definitely put our influences on our sleeves…you can tell who our influences are, but we also have a unique sound,” said Prokop.

“I definitely wanted something to bang your head to while also giving good melodies,” said Vu.

The album release show is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. on Jan. 12 at Club Riviera.

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