Bannock Development Corporation sponsors Why I Love Southeastern Idaho contest

October 11, 2018

Bannock Development Corporation is sponsoring a “Why I love Southeastern Idaho” contest. Residents and visitors have the opportunity to express what they love about our magnificent and award-winning place we call home.

And you can win fabulous prizes, just for sharing what’s obvious to many of us.

Here’s the bottom line on why we’re doing this “Why I Love Southeastern Idaho” contest:

We Are Witnessing a Renaissance:

This Renaissance is attracting talent and industry, the fuel that is bringing this change. As Lance Buttars, owner of the highly successful Molinelli’s Jewelers so eloquently points out, “If a business owner sees another business owner describe how great life is here, they may want to be here too and decide to have a location in our community,”

We’re growing and we’re changing, yet we want to honor our legacy that so many have worked so hard to keep in place. Who better to describe our history and tell our new story than those who live, work and play here?

Enter into one of three categories: essay, photography or video. Details as follows:

· Essays must be 500 words or less

· Photo entries should obviously be taken in our area and could include landmarks, easily recognizable spots, stunning shots or secret hiding places you can easily explain or be felt.

o Submit one photograph and include a brief caption that will get the judges’ attention

· Video entries need to be kept to 2 minutes or we’ll make you watch our family vacation videos

· The top 10 entries for each category:

o Finalists will be posted to social media (Facebook and Instagram)

o Top three winners will be determined by the most likes, shares and comments.

· The deadline for submissions is October 15, 2018 Entry forms can be found on http://bannockdevelopment.org/why-i-love-southeast-idaho-contest-submission-form/. All entries must be emailed to bdc@bannockdevelopment.org. All entries become property of Bannock Development Corporation and may be used for promotional purposes.

Bannock Development Corporation will not sell or share contact information. Any personal information on the entry form will be used solely to identify and contact winners. Minors must include adult contact information.

The contest committee will select the finalists and these will be posted to social media (Facebook and Instagram) and the top three winners will be determined by the most likes, shares and comments. Submissions are due by October 15, 2018.

First Prize: Video- Men’s watch donated by Molinelli’s Jewelers

First Prize: Photo-Cole Chevrolet Basket donated by Cole Chevrolet

First Prize: Essay- Women’s watch donated by Molinelli’s Jewelers

Second Prize: Video- Citizens Community Bank Buddy’s Basket donated by Citizens Community Bank

Second Prize: Photo-Idaho Central Credit Union Basket plus $25 to McDonald’s- Donated by Idaho Central Credit Union and McDonald’s Pocatello

Second Prize: Essay- Set of Chute Trainers donated by Chute Trainer

Third Prize: Video- (2) Tickets to ISU Men’s Football $25 gift card to McDonalds

Third Prize: Photo (2) Tickets to ISU Women’s Basketball $25 gift card to McDonalds

Third Prize: Essay (2) Tickets to ISU Men’s Basketball $25 gift card to McDonalds

Too Good Not To Mention Prize: Yellowstone Restaurant Gift Certificate ($50)

You can view our pinned post on our facebook: www.facebook.com/bannockdevelopmentcorporation/.

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