Starr County DA faces wrongful termination allegations in federal lawsuit

August 7, 2018

District Attorney Omar Escobar Jr. of the 229th judicial district is facing allegations of wrongful termination in a federal lawsuit filed by one of his former employees.

Bernice Garza, formerly the coordinator for the Crime Victims Unit for the DA’s office, alleges her former boss essentially terminated her for working for her sister’s political campaign, according to the complaint filed on Saturday.

In the complaint, which details the breakdown of political alliances leading up to the March 2018 primary, Garza alleges Escobar grew upset over his inability to control who ran for the offices that would be on the ballot in March. Particularly, Escobar was allegedly upset that Garza’s sister, Leticia “Letty” Garza Galvan, intended to run for a seat on the Starr County Commission, giving up her seat on the Roma school board, according to the complaint.

Garza Galvan instead unsuccessfully ran for the Starr County judge’s seat and remains on the Roma school board of trustees.

“Defendant Escobar would remark that he is the political boss (and) he makes all the decisions, and Letty’s desire to run for commissioner, and certain decisions or votes she took as a school board member, were against his wishes,” the complaint states. “He would tell plaintiff that ‘Letty better not forget that you work for me.’”

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