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Immigrants’ Ship Arrives in Canada

August 31, 1999

GOLD RIVER, British Columbia (AP) _ Nearly 200 illegal immigrants were taken aboard Canadian vessels off Vancouver Island Tuesday amid concern their rusting ship might sink.

The Canadian Defense Department called for the transfer operation ``because of the unseaworthiness″ of the immigrant vessel, said Immigration spokesman George Varnai.

The ship was the third in about one month to be found near British Columbia carrying Chinese immigrants.

The immigrants were being taken to a naval base where the two other boatloads of immigrants had also been taken. Doctors were available to check the health of the passengers, Varnai said.

Authorities said about 190 immigrants were aboard the vessel.

``The occupants of the vessel all appear to be of Chinese origin. We believe they are from Fujian province and we have not yet determined who the crew were,″ Varnai said.

The migrants on the previous two ships were also from Fujian province.

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