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May 22, 1989

CORINTH, Miss. (AP) _ The poor man’s hamburger will be honored July 13-15 with the Second Annual Downtown Corinth Slugburger Festival.

The celebration pays tribute to Corinth’s favorite delicacy, the slug, a deep-fried patty made from a soybean and meat mixture. A slugburger is most often served with onion, pickle and mustard.

Last year, locals traced the history of the slugburger as far as 1918. That was the year meat market owner William R. McEwen and restaurant proprietor John Weeks devised a recipe to use unsaleable meat trimmings.

Some of the athletic events scheduled last year were the slug-on-a-spatula relay, the slug squash, the slug-toss, the build-a-slug scavenger hunt and the slugburger eating contest. Most of the events had to be canceled because of lack of interest.


SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. (AP) - While students at century-old Slippery Rock University treasure their school’s funny name, university officials say it can be a mixed blessing.

Some students and faculty came to this state university, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, because the quirky name attracted their attention.

″It’s a bizarre name,″ said Tracy Lancia, a freshman from Acton, Mass., who said the name caught her eye on a computer printout of schools with strong education programs. ″But if it wasn’t called this, I wouldn’t be here.″

Slippery Rock doesn’t always conjure up images of lofty scholarship, however.

″We’re kind of like the advertising jingle where nine out of 10 people recognize the trade name but they can’t tie it to the product,″ said Charles Fouse, provost and vice president for academic affairs.

The university is battling an image as a party school after a recent Playboy magazine labeled it that way.

Sure, there are parties at Slippery Rock, about 50 miles north of Pittsburgh, but they’re no more frequent than at other universities, a student said.

″It’s just because of the name,″ said Danielle Lundy, 21, a senior from Williamsport.

The town’s creek was named Slippery Rock after a colonial soldier plunged into it when his horse slipped on a rock in 1779. Later, when the existence of two neighboring towns called Centerville caused a mix-up in postal deliveries, one was renamed Slippery Rock. The town has a population of 2,000 today.

The name later was passed on to the school.

The name is what drew actor Martin Sheen to take a detour off Interstate 79 last month to buy a few Slippery Rock T-shirts.

Slippery Rock does a brisk business in T-shirts, according to Tom McPherson, manager of the university’s book store.

″I don’t understand it,″ McPherson said. ″It’s a common (name) to us. But it’s a fascination, a loyal following out there. ... There isn’t a state in the United States where we haven’t shipped these things.″


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