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December 27, 1988

RADNOR, Pa. (AP) _ Sandy Duncan says she’s happy now that she doesn’t have to hide behind the happy persona she created for her first television series, ″Funny Face.″

Miss Duncan developed a benign brain tumor behind an eye while working on the early 1970s series and going through a divorce. She attributed her headaches and double vision to stress.

″No one knew what was wrong,″ Miss Duncan said in Dec. 31′s TV Guide. ″They kept calling it a nervous breakdown - ’Poor little thing, all this stress and publicity and a divorce, too.‴

The tumor eventually was found and removed, although she lost her vision in one eye.

She had created the happy-go-lucky personality for ″Funny Face″ and kept it up even after the operation, running around the hospital, checking on other patients and signing autographs.

″I was locked into that perky, cheerful personality,″ she said, adding that a psychologist warned her she was hiding behind it.

She met a doctor at the hospital and they married. By mutual agreement, Miss Duncan kept her appearances to a minimum.

″So, I didn’t work for a while and that have me a chance to grow up,″ Miss Duncan said. ″Now I don’t need that cute and perky persona anymore. I’m real clear on who I am.″

Miss Duncan has remarried entertainer Don Correia, and is the mother of two boys. She said she now feels completely comfortable with life on the personal side and with her current television family, ″The Hogan Family.″

″I have made a decision to be happy, and I am,″ Miss Duncan said.


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Actor Gary Busey is spending the holidays in the hospital as he continues to recover from head injuries suffered in a motorcycle crash three weeks ago.

″He is stable, improving and progressing,″ Peggy Staff, spokeswoman for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, said Monday.

Busey, 44, who lobbied against mandatory motorcyle helmet laws, was not wearing a helmet Dec. 4 when he lost control of his bike, fell and hit the back of his head on a curb. He underwent 90 minutes of neurosurgery.

The actor has been able to talk with his family, and his motor skills are good, said Ms. Staff, adding that doctors expect a full recovery.


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Today’s ambitious women are ″looking for the superficial things″ in males, says a group that announced Donald Trump, Tony Danza and Lou Gossett Jr. are among the year’s 10 most watchable men.

The list in 1988 represents a variety of attributes that include attractiveness and success, Suzy Mallery, president of the 15,000-member Manwatchers Inc., said Monday.

’They want it all, and this year’s list has it,″ Ms. Mallery said. ″Big bulging muscles have never been important, but now dress, grooming and keeping in good physical shape has become much more important.

″Good manners and communication are equally essential.″

But women seem to be looking more at looks, Ms. Mallery said. ″Today’s ambitious women are looking for the superficial things, the bright and the savvy. It wasn’t that way when we started in 1975,″ she said.

Also making the grade this year were Paul Newman, Mel Gibson, Kenny Rogers, John F. Kennedy Jr., Andrew McCarthy, Alan Thicke, and Tony Curtis.

Three previous contenders - Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck and Don Johnson - weren’t eligible this year because Manwatchers elevated them to its Hall of Fame, allowing room for new faces. Previous inductees include Clint Eastwood and Robert Redford.


LOS ANGELES (AP) - ″Miami Vice″ star Don Johnson and his ex-wife, actress Melanie Griffith, plan to remarry after an 11-year hiatus during which each went from unknown to star.

″No date has been set,″ Johnson’s publicist, Elliot Mintz, said Monday in a statement by telephone from Aspen, Colo. He wouldn’t disclose where the wedding will be or where the couple is spending the holidays.

″Both Don and Melanie wish to enjoy this very special time together,″ Mintz said. ″In order to provide a sense of dignity and privacy, there will be no press conference, photo opportunities, interviews or further statement.″

Miss Griffith, 31, star of the current hit movie ″Working Girl,″ married the then-little-known Johnson in 1976. They divorced the following year. She is the daughter of actress Tippi Hedren.

She later married, then divorced, actor Steven Bauer, and they have a 3 1/2 -year-old son, Alexander.

Johnson, 39, recently was romantically involved with entertainer Barbra Streisand, and the two sang together on the Top 10 adult contemporary hit ″Till I Loved You.″

Johnson has a 5-year-old son from his relationship with Patti D’Arbanville.

Johnson, who plays the scruffy vice cop Sonny Crockett on the NBC-TV series, and Miss Griffith have reportedly been living together in Miami.


DETROIT (AP) - Former heavyweight boxing champion Leon Spinks, famous for his gap-toothed smile, finally got a new set of teeth this Christmas.

″Now I can smile and nobody will get scared,″ Spinks said.

Among other celebrities in Detroit’s sports world, Detroit Tigers’ owner Tom Monaghan, who also owns the Domino’s Pizza chain, received Tiffany’s cuff links from his wife, Marge, and the Detroit Lions new coach, Wayne Fontes, got a leather jacket from his wife, Evelyn.

″Let me tell you, these kind of people are extremely hard to buy for. When you think of something, you get it,″ said Monaghan’s assistant, Betsy Kanitz.

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