Bright colors, social media could be used to attract visitors to downtown North Augusta

February 14, 2019

A public meeting was held Wednesday afternoon at the North Augusta Municipal Building, where a resource team discussed with residents possible ideas and future projects that could be used to revamp the downtown area as part of the city’s revitalization program.

The team was put together by Main Street South Carolina, which is a state-wide branch of a national program that provides help for downtown revitalization in cities and towns across the state.

In 2018, Main Street South Carolina accepted the organization North Augusta Forward and now the team joined together in North Augusta over the past few days to survey the city and ask questions to residents about the public perception of the downtown area.

The team ultimately came up with creative and economical ideas that could be used over time to revitalize North Augusta’s downtown by creating a community vision, said Tripp Muldrow, a resource team member.

“Today, we offered recommendations and idea of what could happen in the future here in the City of North Augusta,” Muldrow said. “This was a three-day process and today was the culmination of that three-day process.”

The team collectively brought forward the idea of total collaboration between downtown businesses, citizens, the city, the chamber and North Augusta Forward.

“Collaboration and partnerships are the name of the game if we all want to make this work,” said Randy Wilson, a resource team member.

During the meeting, team members spoke about different aspects of the revitalization process that could possibly be done to make the downtown area into a place people would want to come visit from all over the state.

“The idea is to leave behind a legacy for our children by improving on the wonderful legacy that has already been established here,” Muldrow said. “The ultimate goal is to build up a brand for the city.”

The revitalization would also include an array of bright color palettes used throughout different parts of downtown North Augusta, with the idea of creating a unique atmosphere with a “hometown feel.” The color palettes could also possibly be used to distinguish certain areas from others, offering a sort of individuality to these area amongst the whole, the team explained.

Using social media for advertising purposes in the downtown area was also discussed, in that it can be used as a tool to bring in more people to the area – boosting the economy.

For more information on North Augusta Forward and the North Augusta revitalization program visit northaugustaforward.org.