The best trick for making mornings easier? Give your closet a makeover

August 8, 2018

The best trick for making mornings easier? Give your closet a makeover

Organizing your closet may not be a lot of fun, but a few adjustments can actually speed up your morning routine, experts say.

“I like to think of a closet as your rush hour,” said Chantale Persinger with Closets by Design. Her first tip? Get re-acquainted with your seasons.

“You want your everyday clothes you want right in front of you,” said Persinger, who also recommends keeping like colors together.

She also recommends using wall space to your advantage by installing racks for belts and ties and shelves for shoes.

Keep your most used items at hands reach -- the shoes you don’t wear very often can be put up on a higher shelf,” said Persinger.

If you’re really serious about saving time, it helps if you don’t have a lot to look through. Reduce your wardrobe by turning around hangers on clothes you haven’t worn in over 30 days.

“After six months to a year? Any hanger that is backwards means you haven’t worn it,” said Persinger. “So this is a good item to toss or donate.”

It’s not easy to get rid of clothes, but someone can benefit from them. There’s likely a Salvation Army, Goodwill or Dress to Success donation spot near you.

“You need to save as much time as you can in the morning to get on with your day,” said Persinger. “You don’t want to leave your house stressed going to your job or that meeting. Having all that at your fingertips, it’s a lifestyle change.”

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