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NATO-led peace force confiscates illegal Serb weapons

February 15, 1997

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) _ The NATO-led peace force impounded a truck full of illegal weapons from Bosnian Serbs on Saturday, a NATO official said.

Patrolling soldiers of the multinational peacekeeping mission stopped a private truck driven by a Bosnian Serb soldier near the Serb stronghold of Pale, 10 miles east of Sarajevo, said Maj. Andrew Saddleton. In it, they found 150 illegally transported rifles.

Under the Dayton peace accord, all parties in Bosnia are required to store their weapons in sites previously approved by NATO. They are not allowed to transport the weapons without prior approval from the peace force.

``This was a clear breach of the Dayton peace accord, and the weapons will be destroyed,″ Saddleton said.