Man arrested for domestic violence and pointing gun at police

December 4, 2018

Police arrested a man early Monday on suspicion that he assaulted his fiance and pointed a gun at officers. No shots were fired.

Fred A. Ballestero, 28, appeared in court Monday, and a judge set his bond at $35,000 Monday.

At 12:30 a.m. Monday, police responded to the domestic violence call at the 6100 block of North Driscoll Blvd.

Ballestero had come home drunk, according to court documents, and yelled at his fiance. He fell down on the floor, and she grabbed her daughter and walked toward the bedroom. Ballestero grabbed her shoulders and arms as she was trying to get away.

Ballestero’s fiance gathered her other child and then locked themselves in the bathroom where she called 911. She was crying and told police that she’d been assaulted.

Police arrived to the house and surrounded it. One officer stood by the bedroom window and watched Ballestero go to the bedroom closet and grab a handgun. Ballestero made eye contact with the officer and pointed the gun directly at him. The officer ordered Ballestero to drop the gun, and he did, but then left the room. Police then forced the front door open and arrested Ballestero, according to court documents.

Ballestero’s mother, Kathy Hildebrand, said that he has been going through a hard time, partly because she discovered she has cancer. She said he has been drinking because of it.

“This is the horrible thing that alcohol can do to people,” she said. “This isn’t the type of person he is. I’m sure he’s devastated by what he’s done.”

The judge, Michael Price, reduced the bond from the county prosecutor’s recommended $50,000 to $35,000 because Ballestero has no prior criminal convictions.

Ballestero is facing charges for second-degree assault, unlawful domestic violence imprisonment and fourth-degree domestic violence assault, according to a Spokane Police Department news release.

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