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Yellowstone T-Shirts Give Firefighters, Tourists Something to Remember With

August 30, 1988

Yellowstone T-Shirts Give Firefighters, Tourists Something to Remember With PM-Wildfires-Commander, Bjt

WEST YELLOWSTONE, Mont. (AP) _ A moose, bear and ranger dash around the flames in Yellowstone National Park. ″Would the last one out of the park please put the fire out 3/8″

So says one of the T-shirts Sheila Hanna sells to tourists looking in the Wild West Mercantile for a memento of Yellowstone National Park’s unprecedented 1988 fire season.

The ″fire shirts,″ as Hanna calls them, are among the few good things to come out of Yellowstone’s wildfires, which have blackened more than 450,000 of the park’s 2.2 million acres during the past two months.

One T-shirt’s design carries a map of the park with the various fires pinpointed in fire-engine red.

Another portrays a Yellowstone entrance sign with a sketch of Old Faithful geyser, whose upper reaches have been transformed from steam into flame.

″We’d been asked if we had anything before we had any,″ Hanna said Sunday. ″It’s worked out pretty well,″

Up the street from Hanna’s store, Merle Adams’ Savage Shop also has found a steady demand for fire shirts.

One he offers portrays a bear lounging at the mouth of a cave, bone - human, presumably - in paw, saying, ″Send more firefighters, the last ones were delicious 3/8″

″Everybody always thought that the park’s fires would deter them (tourists),″ said Hanna, pressing a ″Wildfires 1988″ logo onto a cap. ″But I think it brings more people. A national disaster. Everybody’s been coming to see Yellowstone National Park on fire.″

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